About ELBA

Benefits of Becoming a Member of ELBA:

  • Business Visibility Through Group Promotion and Advertising
  • Social Events for Networking and Promoting Your Business
  • Representation in City and County Planning
  • Business Referrals Through a Business Directory
  • Monthly Community Speakers
  • Business & Political Networking Opportunities

Local businesses make an impact in the lives of all of Lincoln’s citizens, and we give you an opportunity to help determine what that impact will be. That impact is felt through the products and services our members provide and purchase, the taxes they pay, the payroll they provide, as well as the charities and community programs they support. The goal of ELBA is to build a dedicated and growing network of people that will enhance the business climate of East Lincoln. We discuss the current impacts on our business and how, using the collective experience and voice of the group, we can deal with those opportunities.


“The East Lincoln Business Association exists to support and strengthen businesses located in East Lincoln by providing opportunities for networking, promotion and representation.”